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How To Tow Your Car

Towing is your best alternative when your vehicle stalls or gets involved in an accident. However, most drivers do not comprehend the towing protocols. Below is a guide on how to tow your car.  

Secure the Site  

If your vehicle breaks down as you drive, the best approach would be to try and park it on the roadside. However, this might not be possible in some cases. For instance, you would be interfering with evidence if you moved your vehicle from an accident scene. In other cases, the vehicle could suffer severe damage if you attempt to ignite or move it. If this is the situation, secure the site to prevent secondary accidents. For instance, you could place safety triangles at the front and rear of the vehicle. Besides, leave the hard lights on. These strategies warn other motorists to slow down as they approach the damaged car. 

Hire an Appropriate Towing Service

Call a reputable towing service to move your vehicle from the accident scene to your home or garage. Start by ensuring the towing service has excellent ratings from its clientele. Then, contact the towing service and inquire about the following; 

  • How long will the towing crew take to arrive at the accident scene? Remember, you could be worried about your security if the vehicle breaks down at night.
  • Does the towing company have appropriate trucks to tow your vehicle? The golden rule is to opt for flatbed towing since other methods could damage the car.
  • If you presume the problem can be fixed at the site, ask whether the company can send a mechanic alongside the towing crew. For instance, leaking hoses, damaged light bulbs, worn-out brake pads, and burst tires can be repaired at the site.
  • Ask the company about the towing charges, additional costs and insurance coverage to prevent disputes after your towing. 

Assess the Damage to Your Vehicle

Assess the damages on your vehicle before it gets towed away. It is especially so if the car has significant body damage. Remove any components that could get damaged or blown away by wind during towing. For instance, the front grill, hanging lights, emblems, and detached panels could fall off during towing. You should also ask the towing crew to document the vehicle damage at the towing site. If possible, take photos of the vehicle. You can use this information to make claims if your vehicle suffers extensive damages during towing. 

When towing your car, secure the site, hire a towing service and assess the damage on your vehicle. 

Contact a towing service to learn more.