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Towing Trailers: Three Critical Guidelines for Optimal Safety and Performance

If you are planning on moving some items in a trailer, you should consult a towing company for professional assistance. This choice will ensure that the goods are shipped with minimal risk of damage. Also, you will avoid the strain associated with handling a towing rig without experience. However, if you have an appropriate vehicle for moving your trailer, you can choose to tow without expert assistance. This option will allow you to cut your expenses, whether you are moving house or transporting items for other purposes. Here are some practical tips on towing a trailer while ensuring personal safety and optimal performance.

Check the Weight Ratings

The elements in a towing rig have maximum weight capacity ratings. If the numbers outlined by the manufacturers are exceeded, your setup could fall apart. As a result, you could sustain severe injuries and your goods might be damaged. In general, you should check the trailer weight rating and make sure that your cargo does not exceed the outlined capacity. The towing vehicle's towing capability is also of importance, and it should be compared with the total weight of the trailer. Other critical load ratings include tongue weight, hitch rating and ball mount capacity.

Secure the Hitch

You should make sure that your rig is hitched correctly to prevent an accidental disconnection during the journey. In simple terms, if the link between the trailer and the vehicle is not secure, the stress on the road could cause the two units to separate. You should ensure that you have the right hitch ball for the rig. You should not compromise and purchase an alternative which is close in size. Also, you should make certain the trailer latch engages smoothly after connection. In ideal circumstances, this should be enough for safe travel. However, towing does not always go according to plan. Therefore, you should consider buying and using safety chains around the hitch for extra security.

Handle the Rig Carefully

When driving the rig on the road after complete setup, you should not forget that you have a trailer attached. If you have never towed before, you will feel a significant difference in handling. The new experience can be daunting, so you should not be quick to accelerate. Instead, practice driving at a slow and stable speed to prevent the trailer from swaying. Keep your momentum steady and navigate corners with care. If you must stop your towing rig, do not slam on the brake pedal immediately. You should always gradually reduce speed for optimal safety. 

For more information about trailers, such as box trailers, contact a professional.